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feature request

I have been using emacs/w3 for a while and there is something I feel
might be useful for emacs-w3m.  Would it be possible to make an option
to set the buffer title to something more descriptive, like the
current-title?  This would be helpful in switching buffers and is the
default for emacs/w3.

Another option I believe might be helpful would be the option to set the
text of the header line to that of the buffer name.  In the latest
version of emacspeak, the reading of the buffer name is done by reading
the header line where it used to be done by reading the mode-line.  

I think the default behavior is fine for the majority of users, although
the buffer-name/mode-line change might prove to be very popular.

Thanks for your consideration,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@xxxxxxxxxxx

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