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Dear sir,

  First of all, we must apologize to you that we have forgotten your
w3m-session.el.  A certain developer had added the Lisp module of
the same name to the emacs-w3m CVS trunk in March, 2007; nevertheless
no one remembered your work till last week even though a link that
points to it has already been existing in the emacs-w3m Info manual
since March, 2005.

  The purposes of those modules are similar, that is to save the last
emacs-w3m sessions and to load.  The difference is that the one in
emacs-w3m enables a user to name two or more groups of sessions, to
save, and to load one of them.  Here is a NEWS entry:

| ** w3m-session.el -- functions to load/save sessions.
| You can now save in the file the current session in which you visit
| several pages.  Moreover the last session you use before quitting
| emacs-w3m will be saved automatically if `w3m-session-autosave' is
| non-nil (the default).  Saved sessions can be loaded afterward.
| The useful commands are `M-S' for saving and `M-s' for selecting saved
| ones.  Those are available also in the `Session' submenu in the `w3m'
| menu.

  After discussing in the developers' table, we reached to the
conclusion that we would like to keep the version that has been
installed in the emacs-w3m CVS trunk.  Although we never want to
bring disgrace on you on no account, we are sorry to make you
unpleasant.  Please do not hesitate to write any idea to us if any.
We will make efforts to DTRT as much as possible.

Best regards,

All funny sentences in this message are owing to my poor English.