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I got a followup from a certain person who uses emacs-w3m on
Cygwin.  Here is a translation (comments in parentheses are by me):

$HOME/.w3m is used by w3m on Cygwin (by default?).  For emacs-w3m,
I made the short cuts for Emacs, Meadow, etc. on the desktop on
Windows XP, and specified the working folders for them as the
same place.  (The picture shows that the author is about to set
the working folder for runemacs.exe as C:\home, in the window for
editing the properties for emacs.)

JPEG image

It might do the trick.

I guess the reason that the permission to write is denied might
be that persons who have installed Emacs and Cygwin are different.
For such a case, performing chown or chmon on the directory in
question might solve the problem.