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Emacs-w3m bug

Hi, this is a bug or my wront setup about emacs-w3m.

I'm use emacs-w3m version 1.5 in emacs version

When i use www.google.cn search some keyword, example "hacker", 1 ~ 2
second later,

Have a message display in minibuffer:

"www.google.cn tried to set a cookie for domain .google.cn. -rejected."

and then CPU use very high, emacs can't reponse my input from
keyboard, so i always use "killall emacs" to quit emacs.

But when i use www.google.com search "hacker" is right. or when i use
emacs-w3m open other url also is right.

I think this is somewhere wront setup about "cookie" of emacs-w3m.

How to i resolve this problem.

Thank you very much!