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New shimbuns

I've written four new shimbun definition files:

sb-slashdot.el: shimbun for slashdot.org; parses HTML of the front page
since the slashdot RSS feed does not include brief articles and is
pretty anal about being reloaded too often.

sb-perlentaucher-de.el: shimbun for RSS feed from www.perlentaucher.de
(German press review). This code also skips the 'teaser' pages which are
put before the 'real' articles.

sb-sueddeutsche-de.el: shimbun for RSS feeds from www.sueddeutsche.de
(German newspaper).

sb-debugmagazin-de.el: shimbun for RSS feeds from www.de-bug.de (German
music magazine)

Thanks for the great work you're doing with emacs-w3m!

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