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Re: New shimbuns

On Mon, 28 Jan 2008 22:42:58 +0100 David wrote:

> sb-sueddeutsche-de.el: shimbun for RSS feeds from www.sueddeutsche.de
> (German newspaper).

Especially for this one:  Thank you very much.

Some comments:

sb-sueddeutsche-de.el:25:7:Warning: assignment to free variable

(Easy to fix, change the first `setq' to `defvar'.  In case you did it
b/c C-x C-e after a `defvar' doesn't change the value: C-M-x within a
`defvar' works like `setq').

I suspect this affects all your shimbuns:  in the copyright notice you
use the old FSF address.  Just c&p one from another emacs-w3m file.
Mind to put your full name and mail address on top of the copyright

I don't know the status of the discussion, but in case emacs-w3m becomes
a GNU project (or part of) it may be important to know who you are and
how to reach you for the paper stuff.

For the maintainers:  I'll do some more sueddeutsche reading.  Consider
it to be tested and working unless I write another post.  No need to
torture the Japanese with the German language ;-)