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Re: New shimbuns

David Hansen <david.hansen@xxxxxxx> writes:
> Some comments:
> sb-sueddeutsche-de.el:25:7:Warning: assignment to free variable
>     `shimbun-sueddeutsche-de-group-url'
> (Easy to fix, change the first `setq' to `defvar'.  

Yes, I forgot to change it.

> In case you did it b/c C-x C-e after a `defvar' doesn't change the
> value: C-M-x within a `defvar' works like `setq').

Actually, that was the exact reason for the setq. Thank you for the
C-M-x hint, I didn't know that (one of those things that was bugging me
for ages but somehow never looked up...).

> I don't know the status of the discussion, but in case emacs-w3m becomes
> a GNU project (or part of) it may be important to know who you are and
> how to reach you for the paper stuff.

Yes, I didn't know there were plans to include emacs-w3m into emacs. I
always thought that the dependency on flim/apel would prohibit that.