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w3m-ems.el problem?

Hello.  I just did a `make bootstrap' on the current Emacs
trunk yesterday (just after the Unicode branch was merged).
I found that afterward, gnus stopped rendering html email.
I figured out that if I tried M-x w3m I had the same error:
`Wrong type argument: arrayp, nil'.  I can't seem to debug
the problem.  First I did a `cvs up' on emacs-w3m, and
rebuilt it.  I tried `emacs -Q' and then loaded w3m and it
worked, then I tried `emacs -Q' and manually loaded
libraries in my .emacs one at a time, trying w3m as I went,
and it never failed.

I found that if I loaded w3m manually, it put me in a
debugger saying the error was in w3m-ems.  I then found that
if I went into w3m-ems.el and did `eval-buffer' all worked,
but if I tried to (require 'w3m-ems) it failed with the same
error (with or without a matching .elc).  So, the upshot is,
I haven't figured out how to isolate the error.  Sorry.  If
anyone wants, I can probably provide more information, but
right now I am not sure what might be relevant.

Hope this is useful.