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Re: View PDF, PS within emacs

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10035] David Hansen wrote:

>> But the functions in `w3m-content-type-alist' might not be for
>> the internal display.

> What about introducing some new variable then for files that should be
> displayed internally but not by w3m?  This would be useful for emacs
> lisp files and other scripts too (it's not a big problem there, I
> usually just run the major-mode command manually, but would be nice if
> it happens automatically).

It would be nice that emacs-w3m runs proper major modes on non-html
files that Emacs can handle internally.  But currently there is one
problem; those buffers will not be managed by emacs-w3m after a
certain major mode is applied.  I.e., they don't appear in the tabs
line.  `doc-view-mode' buffers aren't exceptions.

> Note that we would need the file extension and a list of MIME types, or
> at least a regexp.  E.g. some servers serve a .pl file as "text/plain",
> some as something exotic like "text/x-perl".

Sites serving such files will lose an audience. ;-p
It might be better to examine the Content-Type html header instead
of the file name extension if it is uncertain.