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Forward: Bug#468257: w3m-el-snapshot: must confirm by mouse TWICE to see URL

Hi emacs-w3m developers,

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Tatsuya Kinoshita
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Package: w3m-el-snapshot
Version: 1.4.258+0.20080220-2
Severity: minor

Now when clicking external links in an email message, one is asked
TWICE if one is sure. One must click yes both times to follow the link.

They questions are both in pop up windows, one slightly bigger than
the other. One says "Are you sure you really want to follow this link
(maybe insecure)? (yes or no)".

I use http://jidanni.org/comp/.emacs and
http://jidanni.org/comp/.gnus.el with emacs-version "22.1.1" and
gnus-version "Gnus v5.11".

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