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Re: saving cookies without remembering to type Q

On Sat, 03 May 2008 02:03:14 +0800 jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> How can one save cookies automatically if one never remembers to use
>    `Q'
>         Save the "arrived URLs" list to disk (*note Tracing History::),
>         save cookies (*note Cookie Variables::) and really quit emacs-w3m
>         (`w3m-quit').
> before exiting emacs?
> Must one put w3m-quit in some hook called when exiting emacs? 

(add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook #'(lambda () (w3m-quit t)))

> What if w3m was never started that day? 

Put above line in ~/.emacs-w3m, then it's only evaled when emacs-w3m starts.