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Re: saving cookies without remembering to type Q

There also should be a key bound to a w3m-cookie-save-all-now
function, so one needn't have to quit emacs-w3m just to save ones

Also that way a person who usually doesn't want to save his cookies
could save them occasionally.

Also there should be a function to save the cookies for the current
site we are viewing, so one needn't drag along all the extra cookies
that happen to be in use.

As far as M-x w3m-cookie goes, it is not clear from its interface if
it saves to file or not, etc.

P.S., could somebody please eliminate the greylisting or whatever
delay is imposed on this mailing list for trusted users?
One notices it varies from 30 minutes to 3 days, so one has no idea if
their post reached the list.