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Re: harmonize Info and docstrings

jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> I wish there was a key like T (w3m-toggle-inline-images) that only
> affected the current page, and only once.
> Wait, In Info I see
>   `t' (Lynx-like keymap)
>   `i' (Info-like keymap)
>      Toggle displaying of the single inline image
>      under the cursor (`w3m-toggle-inline-image').
>                       ^or the region. <-- please add this that I found
> mentioned in the docstring, or else I would have never known that it
> does just about what I want: I can now do C-x h (mark-whole-buffer)
> then t (w3m-toggle-inline-image).

Thank you your report. I've added almost the same sentence.

> Indeed, all the Info items need to mention such important points from
> the docstrings.

I will, when I find such points.

Naohiro Aota