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Re: w3m eats spaces

This looks like a w3m bug.  Could someone in the w3m-dev community
please investigate it?

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Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 19:56:34 +0800
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Subject: [emacs-w3m:10180] w3m eats spaces
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Can you please fix this giant w3m rendering bug, present inside or
outside of emacs:
$ w3m -dump http://taizhongbus.jidanni.org/index.php?title=%E7%89%B9%E6%AE%8A:Log/move
There is a space  -v- each line that w3m eats:
梨山-花蓮移動到花蓮 梨山-花蓮 #lynx, correct
梨山-花蓮移動到花蓮梨山-花蓮  #w3m, wrong
The only lines that w3m gets right have numbers in them:
討論:068移動到討論:巨業 068
This bug almost caused me to get angry at a colleague for forgetting
to put a space. I wondered why he was so dumb for 16 hours before
discovering it was a w3m bug.
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