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command to just send HTTP requests and not show results

Here's the situation: I often use WWWOFFLE
offline, each click producing e.g.,:

 WWWOFFLE - World Wide Web Offline Explorer - v2.9d
            WWWOFFLE Request Recorded
               Your request for URL
         has been recorded for download.

Then the next day I do
$ wwwoffle -online; wwwoffle -fetch

OK, the problem is that clicking the links with
w3m-view-this-url produces an unnecessary new page or
other window that one must get Back from or delete.

I wish I could make a command that just sends the request
to the (WWWOFFLE) server (at http_proxy), and waits for a
reply and only shows a *Shell Command Output* buffer if
the words "WWWOFFLE Request (Already)? Recorded" don't
appear in the HTTP reply.
Another OK response is 404:
$ HEAD -S http://example.net/
HEAD http://example.net/ --> 404 WWWOFFLE Will Get