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Re: Impressions of emacs on a cell phone

jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Gentlemen, I have done http://wiki.debian.org/DebianOnFreeRunner and even
> debian-gta02:~# apt-get install w3m-el-snapshot
> debian-gta02:~# DISPLAY=:0 emacs -f w3m
> yes, browsing the web.

You beat me to it!

I'm also using Emacs on the FreeRunner, there is great potential I

Here are some ideas of mine(from a mail I sent to the openmoko list):
- get emacs23 working, so one can use the dbus support of emacs 23.
- make a dialer compatible with bbdb, and later addressbook.el
- make a gnus backend for sms
- a symbol chooser keyboard.
  - start the "keyboard"(an emacs app) in a particular context(lets say
  m-x now, but its the same for adresses or whatever)
  - (1) show all unique prefixes in this context
  - (2) choose a prefix
  - (3) repeat from (1) with the chosen prefix, exit on a terminal symbol

I really think Emacs could be a superiour telephone application plattform!

> You see my goal is to not use the FreeRunner as a cellphone, but as a
> PDA: bbdb, w3m (mainly offline with a WWWOFFLE cache)...
> Impressions of emacs on a cellphone:
> Got to crank up the fonts larger or something. Doing OK with my trusty
> magnifying glass, but two hands busy is not helping my Austin Powers
> "swinger" image. Got to adjust how the menus react to a stylus pointer
> better, in terms of staying put longer when the stylus leaves the
> surface. Got to make sure almost everything can be done with the
> stylus. For instance, I want to send a Control g, but there is nothing
> on the toolbar to send it, so I have to use system's uncomfortable
> on-screen keyboard to send it. One must learn how to "hover" with the
> stylus to read tooltips.
> So, I urge developers to tie your keyboards behind your back and try
> life with a stylus and a tiny screen...
> ...and post the .emacs files you come up with by the time I get back
> from the Taipei OpenMoko office next week (where I'm going to get the
> cable I left there last time,) so I can "all play and no work":-)
Joakim Verona