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b should be BACK key

Gentlemen, I have reassigned "b" to be w3m-view-previous-page
in my http://jidanni.org/comp/configuration/.emacs-w3m
and immediately my life is full of flavor again.

How could I go on hitting Shift-b (B) for the hundreds of BACKs I
press each day?

Today it is only 8 degrees C here on my misty Taiwan mountaintop. No
extra finger exercises today too please. Now I've got most of basic
browsing commands all on single key strokes, all not far from the
space bar. (Put them on the numeric keypad? No, not all keyboards are
that big.)

Anyway, isn't BACK one of the most basic browsing commands? No Shift
anymore, for me at least.

The former b is like backspace anyway.

(Mouse: These days I hope one can go back after clicking on a link, as
easily as one clicked on that link.)