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Shimbun for RSS feeds without published content

In my ongoing quest to retire nnrss in favor of nnshimbun in Gnus, I
also made a generic RSS shimbun for feeds which do not contain the full
content (which seems to become more and more common these days). It is
similar to what rss-hash does for feeds with published content.[1]

I called this shimbun rss-blogs, since it already tries to detect some
popular blogging engines (Google Blogger a.k.a. Blogspot, WordPress and
TypePad) to extract the post contents. So far this has worked pretty
well for me, but if you encounter a site that uses one of those engines
and where the content extraction fails, please let me know and I'll try
to adapt the regexps.

However, rss-blogs is of course not restricted to those engines. You can
use it with any feed and manually specify regexps for content-start and
content-end, just like with rss-hash. Please look into the variable
shimbun-rss-blogs-group-url-regexp for details.


[1] By the way, I first could not get rss-hash to work, since it is
explicitly excluded in the function shimbun-servers-list (and the same
applies to atom-hash). Is this a bug?

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