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Re: Shimbun for RSS feeds without published content

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:
> I have no time to try sb-rss-blogs.el, sorry, but I've installed
> it in my system anyway.  When I compiled it in the emacs-w3m source
> tree, I got the following warnings:
> While compiling sb-rss-blogs-guess-type-from-rss in file emacs-w3m/shimbun/sb-rss-blogs.el:
>   ** assignment to free variable shimbun-rss-blogs-current-type
> While compiling toplevel forms in file emacs-w3m/shimbun/sb-rss-blogs.el:
>   ** reference to free variable group
> Is the attached patch ok?  If so, I'll install it in the emacs-w3m
> CVS trunk.

Yes, that looks fine. Thanks for the corrections. I will also write
something up for the documentation along with the new "offline" feature.

Did you have time to look into why rss-hash and atom-hash are excluded
in shimbun-servers-list? I think you can just remove them there, so that
users can choose them among the available shimbun servers.