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Re: Reducing the sit-for time in w3m-process-wait-process


>> On Fri, 05 Dec 2008 17:32:43 +0900
>> yamaoka@xxxxxxx (Katsumi Yamaoka) said as follows:

>>> I'm using the encapsulate-images feature from the shimbun package, and I
>>> noticed that when an article contains many images, it takes pretty long
>>> for w3m to fetch them. It seems to me this time is almost entirely spend
>>> on the '(sit-for 1)' in w3m-process-wait-process, while the actual w3m
>>> process is already finished. When I change this to '(sit-for 0.1)',
>>> fetching the images is much faster. It also seems to me that this speeds
>>> up refreshing shimbun groups in general.

>> To followup on this: I sometimes got parsing errors with '(sit-for
>> 0.1)', because the buffer didn't contain the whole output from the w3m
>> binary. However, I could fix this by using accept-process-output in the
>> w3m sentinel. Now everything works without problems, and the reduced
>> sit-for time makes working with emacs-w3m faster. Before, a w3m call
>> would at least take one second, even when w3m just received a redirect
>> or was fetching a small picture for a shimbun article. I attached the
>> two-lines patch to this mail.

>Great!  I verified that the patch makes shimbun fast beyond
>recognition for fetching articles containing many images.  David,
>could you provide the ChangeLog entry?

I worry that the following change causes hang-up.
I had tried various values when implementing w3m-proc.el, and adpoted
the smalest value that did not cause hang-up of emacs.
Of course, the ideal value may depend on users' own enviroments.
I have no idea to decide the ideal value in safe way.

実装するときに,色々な値を試しました.でもって,0.1 も確か試したはず.し
かし,0.1 だと emacs が凍り付いたんですよ,私の記憶によれば.emacs のバー

土屋 雅稔 ( TSUCHIYA Masatoshi )