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Re: Patches for sb-atom and sb-atom-hash

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10539] David Engster wrote:
> I made two small changes to sb-atom and sb-atom-hash:

> * Deal with atom feeds which do not have an "alternate" link
>   element. While this is not according to the atom standard, there are
>   feeds who do not have it (e.g. planet.emacsen.org). The patch simply
>   takes the first link in this case.

> * While the atom-hash shimbun is for feeds with published content, I
>   think it should also be able to deal with feeds who just publish a
>   summary (just like rss-hash can also deal with feeds who only have a
>   description).

> The patch for sb-atom and sb-atom-hash is attached to this mail.

The patch has been installed.  Thanks!