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Re: move to next/previous submit button

NA> (defvar w3m-form-types
NA>  '("submit" "image" "reset" "hidden" "password"
NA>    "radio" "checkbox" "select" "textarea" "file" "text"))

OK, works good, thanks. So now there should be a key mapping for each
different kind of button. Maybe like C-c f s, C-c f i, ... and also a
set for previous instead of next. And the more common ones also mapped
to simpler key shortcuts... And document in (info "(emacs-w3m)Moving
in a page"), and put in CVS, (which maybe I should start using... but
maybe not, as I'm using Debian sid for the rest of emacs, gnus.)

Anyway, with each one bound, you will certainly exceed the pinpoint
capabilities of the other leading brand browser.
瞄準能力比雜牌 browser 好。

By the way, you posting should not break lines, e.g.,:
NA> 							    'w3m-form
NA> -field-id))