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Re: error in process sentinel: Quit

Andy Stewart <lazycat.manatee@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> This bug report will be sent to the emacs-w3m development team,
>  not to your local site managers!!
> Please write in simple English, because the emacs-w3m developers
> aren't good at English reading. ;-)
> Please describe as succinctly as possible:
> 	- What happened.
> 	- What you thought should have happened.
> 	- Precisely what you were doing at the time.
> Please also include any Lisp back-traces that you may have.
> ================================================================
> Dear Bug Team!
> I will get error information "error in process sentinel: Quit" 
> when some webpages can't open or dead.
> Then Emacs is hang by emacs-w3m, i have to type "C-g" make Emacs
> continue.
> So can catch this error make it don't sign error to hang Emacs?
> Thank you very much!
>  -- Andy
> ================================================================

Maybe I could fix this problem in emacs-w3m CVS. Could you try it?