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Re: links with images in them look just like plain links

Naohiro Aota <naota@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>> Gentlemen, it disturbs me that with images turned off, the only way to
>> distinguish between a hyperlink, and a hyperlink with an image in it,
>> is to use "}" (w3m-next-image), as they just look the same blue color.
> I agree. I think adding new face named "w3m-image-anchor" is reasonable.
> Anyway, I wrote a patch to change background color of such
> anchors. Could you try it?
> Regards,

I've commited this as is in emacs-w3m CVS, so that we can discuss proper

image であり、かつ anchor でもある箇所に背景色をつけるようにしました。た
だ、どうも今のままだと目立たなすぎるように思います。 適切な色がすぐには思
いつかないので、とりあえず commit してみます。 いい色があったら変えちゃっ
てください。 :)