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Re: w3m-session problems

Hi. Thank you for your suggestions.

"Samuel Wales" <samologist@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I am using a cvs version from a few weeks ago.  w3m-version says w3m/0.5.2.
> I don't know if the following is fixable with settings, but it does
> not seem to be, from the settings that I tried.
> w3m-session saves automatically, which is a good thing.  But I keep
> losing my sessions because:
> 1.  It doesn't ask me to load sessions when I run w3m.  This sometimes
> leads me to:
> 2.  Run w3m on a single search (say) and then quit it without loading
> sessions first.  This causes the last (big) session to be overwritten
> with the trivial single search session that I just loaded.  Also:
> 3.  If emacs crashes, it doesn't always save sessions.
> Here are some solutions:
> 1.  Always save the previous automatically saved session to "older
> sessions" when w3m saves automatically.  Keep a limit of 10
> automatically saved sessions.  Then you can always go back to the big
> session even if you temporarily did a search before loading.

Added in emacs-w3m CVS. But I set default limit to 5 as same as
w3m-session-deleted-keep-number's default. You can change the number
like this : "(setq w3m-session-automatic-keep-number 10)".

> 2.  Save every few minutes when necessary.  (Not sure if this is working.)

I need little more time to add this.

> 3.  Optionally ask you whether you want to load sessions.

Added. This feature is disabled by default. You can change this
like the following.

"(setq w3m-session-load-last-sessions 'ask)"
       Ask you whether to load the last sessions.
"(setq w3m-session-load-last-sessions 'auto)"
       Automatically load the last sessions.

> I also have some other suggestions.  These are minor:
> 1.  The word "session" makes people think of multiple tabs, just as in
> a GUI browser.  But w3m uses it for a single web page AND for the
> concept of saving sessions (w3m-sessions.el).  This is confusing.
> Perhaps a "session" can be renamed.

This issue have been discussed before, but we don't have nice resolution

> 2.  Session labels cause dates to extend past right side of screen in
> the session history.  Perhaps dates can be put on the left.

I don't think dates are so important. Who really need to see dates can
move cursor with "C-f", "C-b", and "C-e" etc.

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