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Re: emacs-lynx

jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> J> For e.g., http://www.ehponline.org/docs/2009/117-1/toc.htmlJ> lynx
> J> has a nice one column format vs. w3m.
> RDC> While not a "turn-key" solution, you could grab emacspeak and use the
> RDC> xslt processing parts
> Sounds complex. I wonder what would happen if one just did
> # cd /usr/bin; mv w3m w3m.parked; ln lynx w3m; emacs -f w3m
> I wonder if the overlying software would notice the switcheroo.

Try it if you like but I seriously doubt it will work.  Not only are the
commandline switches used for w3m going to confuse lynx but the output
will likely be confusing to w3m.el if it makes it that far.

One alternative would be to edit the file that tells w3m how to handle
specific tags.  I used this several years ago to make it handle the
table tags like paragraph tags.  See this page for a start.  


This might not get you there all the way but all the necessary
information should be in the thread.  As to how to switch between the
two, this is left for you to explore.

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@xxxxxxxxxxx