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Re: w3m-search-name-anchor return val when already there

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10626] Kevin Ryde wrote:
> In the current cvs, when going to an anchor on a page like

>     (w3m-goto-url "http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/#mailing_list";)

> and then immediately evalling that again, with point still at the
> anchor, point moves to the start of the buffer.  I hoped it would stay
> still, which is how it was in 1.4.4.

> I guess w3m-goto-url goes to point-min if w3m-search-name-anchor returns
> false.  That's when the anchor is not found, is it?  It seems
> w3m-search-name-anchor also returns false if

>     (= (point) cur-pos)

> ie. the anchor is found and you're already at it.

> I get the effect I hoped for with the change below (whole thing for
> reading, then a diff).

I ran edebug and verified the patch corrected the function.
Applied.  Thank you!

> Is this condition for recording in the history what's intended?

Maybe Naohiro Aota did in the year before last.  The same
successive points in the history are useless when performing
the `w3m-view-previous-page' command.