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Re: Emacs-w3m & emacs

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10627] Joe wrote:
>> Sorry, I have no idea to fix your problem.

> I found a solution.  Replacing w3mmee-p24-23 with w3m-0.5.2 did the
> trick.

I usually use w3m, not w3mmee, too. :)

> I still don't know what the underlying problem was, though I suspect
> emacs-w3m was passing invalid options to w3mmee, hence the display of
> the w3mmee usage page.

I realized emacs-w3m does not support w3mmee built for English.
Namely 2 was selected while running the configure script:

Which language do you prefer?
1 .. Japanese (charset ISO-2022-JP, EUC-JP, Shift_JIS) (LANG=JA)
2 .. English (charset US_ASCII, ISO-8859-1, etc) (LANG=EN)
3 .. Many (ISO 2022, Shift_JIS, Big Five, UTF-8, and so on) (LANG=MANY)
[123]? 2

Moreover having selected 1 brings malfunctions for some situations.
So I'll add a note to REAMDE, Info, and so forth.

You can see whether your w3mmee has been built with 3 by executing
`w3mmee -version' in a terminal and seeing `moe-VERSION' is present
as follows:

$ w3m -version
w3m version w3m/0.3.2+mee-p24-23+moe-1.5.8, options lang=many,kanji-symbols,...

It means you need to have the libmoe package installed: