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Re: don't always decode the url in the minibuffer

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10657] jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I am browsing the former, but I want to browse the latter,
> http://radioscanningtw.jidanni.org/index.php?title=台中縣消防局
> http://radioscanningtw.jidanni.org/index.php?title=台東縣消防局
> which differs only by one character. So I hit
> g runs the command w3m-goto-url
> and in the minibuffer I get
> http://radioscanningtw.jidanni.org/index.php?title=%E5%8F%B0%E4%B8%AD%E7%B8%A3%E6%B6%88%E9%98%B2%E5%B1%80
> which is no fun to attempt to edit just to change one character.
> I wish g etc. would not decode the url in the minibuffer.

I realized that that is not helpful at all.  Fixed in CVS.
I've also fixed `w3m-copy-buffer' so that we can visit the 台東
縣消防局 page from the 台中縣消防局 page by the `G' command even
if `w3m-default-coding-system' (`shift_jis' by default in Japan)
doesn't equal to the coding system used in the 台中縣消防局 page.