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Re: automatically filling out WordPress comment fields

KY> I'm not sure it is the right approach but how about this plan?
KY> Add the following two user options to somewhere in w3m-form.el:
OK, that maybe is a good plan. But one might want to match on
<meta name="generator" content="WordPress ...>
and perhaps some other conditions, to ensure one does not unknowingly
enter ones credentials into forms one was not intending to.

Anyway, I am still very curious how I can make a function to help me
fill in the next three form fields when ever I want to thusly:

<tab> <return> C-a C-k j i d a n n i <return> <tab> <return> C-a C-k j
i d a n n i @ j i d a n n i . o r g <return> <tab> <return> C-a C-k h
t t p : / / j i d a n n i . o r g / <return> <tab>

Is the only way to make a keyboard macro?

I can get as far as (w3m-next-anchor) but then I don't know how to
program typing something into the minibuffer at that point. I looked
in the source to see how you do it, but
$ grep TEXT /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/w3m/*.el
doesn't find how you prompt with "TEXT:"