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Re: Small bug with w3m

Thanks for your report.

Richard Riley <rileyrgdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hello,
> One small "bug" with the new asynchronous image loading:
> If I view an email using w3m (e.g from Amazon) which has a lot of
> images, when I quit the email "q", the asynchronous downloading of the
> many images still continues. 

Emacs-w3m cannot decide when to stop the image retrieving, so we should
tell people who are using emacs-w3m in their program to rewrite the
code. This may take a little long. Sorry for your inconvenience.

;; I've changed the code so that image retrieving process invoking is
;; stoped for deleted buffer. But I think this isn't enough.

> regards
> Richard.
> (ps the asynchronous download is great!)

Thanks :)


For Japanese developers:

w3m-region を使っていて image を表示しうるコードは w3m-process-stop を呼