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Re: w3m-process-stop not bound to a keystroke anymore

It turns out my fix for
[emacs-w3m:10697] Re: terminating form input by `C-c C-c'

 (dolist (modemap (list w3m-mode-map w3m-minor-mode-map))
 ;;;;;;  (define-key modemap "\C-c" 'undefined); wrong
 ;;;;;;  (define-key modemap "\C-c" nil); wrong
  (define-key modemap [up] 'previous-line)
  (define-key modemap [down] 'next-line)
  (define-key modemap [left] 'backward-char)
  (define-key modemap [right] 'forward-char)
  (define-key modemap "b" 'w3m-view-previous-page))

ruined the other keybindings.

I don't know how to unbind a key properly.

There is no emacs unbind-key command.

So I just tried to bind C-c in the C-c map to undefined.

But that is wrong. And I don't know the right way.