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Re: nnrss: relative links in message bodies

>>>>> jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> What should nnrss do when encountering a link like:

> <p>Bob, the fact is that the Israeli government ... refugee relief
> aid; see my <a href="../04/on-netanyahu-on-gaza">previous letter</a>.

The base tag, like <base href="http://host/directory/";>, in the
<head>...</head> section is needed to expand relative links to
the absolute ones.  If it exixts, emacs-w3m, an html renderer
for Gnus, should handle it properly.  The base tag is often
omitted in html data.  Even in such a case, shimbun (bundled
with emacs-w3m) uses the directory of the current page address
to generate the base tag.  However, IIUC, nnrss doesn't.

> When tabbed to, we see "buffer://../04/on-netanyahu-on-gaza".
> What is this "buffer:" protocol? A red flag that there is a bug.

The `buffer:' scheme is for the emacs-w3m internal.  It is mainly
for accessing `name' tags within an html article.  Maybe emacs-w3m
misidentifies it as a name link because of no base tag.

;; BTW, this feature has been made by your request. ;-)
;; Cf. <b4mbpynrbmw.fsf@xxxxxxx>

> Why can't it detect that this is a relative link?

To make it work, nnrss.el needs to be improved further.