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Re: terminating form input by `C-c C-c'

Dear emacs-w3m team: I'm curious about forms with no submit button
(<input type="submit">), like the one on http://perishablepress.com/ :

  <h3>Search Perishable Press</h3> <form method="get"
  + encodeURIComponent(this.s.value).replace(/%20/g, '+');
  return false;"> <fieldset> <p><label for="s">Type and press
  enter to search the site..</label></p> <input id="s"
  name="s" alt="Search" type="text" size="37" maxlength="137"
  /> </fieldset> </form>

I had to manually GET
I.e., I fill out the text box, only to discover no way to submit the
form. Is the author drunk on JavaScript, or can emacs-w3m help out
here. Could a C-c C-c in the minibuffer send the form one day?

>>>>> "KY" == Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:

KY> What we're talking about was whether to add the `C-c C-c' key as
KY> a command for terminating the input in the minibuffer
KY> (i.e. `exit-minibuffer') in addition to the RET key.  At least I
KY> and 青田-san sometimes mis-type `C-c C-c' to terminate a word in
KY> the minibuffer when about to search it in Google, etc.  We seem
KY> to mix up the minibuffer with the textarea.  Maybe adding `C-c C-c'
KY> as a key for `exit-minibuffer' causes no problem.  Then 白井-san
KY> said "Isn't it more convenient if `C-c C-c' runs not only
KY> `exit-minibuffer' but also `w3m-submit-form'?  It saves you trouble
KY> typing `C-c C-c' twice.".  That's good for particular pages such
KY> as Google, however it might submit a blog in which only the title
KY> is filled.  So, I'm now trying a way that `C-c C-c' runs those two
KY> procedures only in particular pages.  A regexp controls it.