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Re: terminating form input by `C-c C-c'

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10697] jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> 積です。

> I'm sorry I don't know what Mr. 白井, 山岡, and 青田 are talking about
> because 本人僅懂中文,不懂日文 (only understand Chinese (and
> English) not Japanese.)

What we're talking about was whether to add the `C-c C-c' key as
a command for terminating the input in the minibuffer
(i.e. `exit-minibuffer') in addition to the RET key.  At least I
and 青田-san sometimes mis-type `C-c C-c' to terminate a word in
the minibuffer when about to search it in Google, etc.  We seem
to mix up the minibuffer with the textarea.  Maybe adding `C-c C-c'
as a key for `exit-minibuffer' causes no problem.  Then 白井-san
said "Isn't it more convenient if `C-c C-c' runs not only
`exit-minibuffer' but also `w3m-submit-form'?  It saves you trouble
typing `C-c C-c' twice.".  That's good for particular pages such
as Google, however it might submit a blog in which only the title
is filled.  So, I'm now trying a way that `C-c C-c' runs those two
procedures only in particular pages.  A regexp controls it.

> However I have recently become worried that along with my advancing
> age, my fingers will hold down the keys too long, and I will type four
> C-c's, submitting a form, instead of first typing two C-c's, then
> after I'm sure all is well, two more.

I got to type keys excessively as well after upgrading Fedora from
v9 to v10.  I'm certainly aged but I don't believe it is the cause
of mis-typing.  I suspect something has been changed in the keyboard
driver. ;-)

> That's why for message mode, I use
> (defun jidanni-message-confirm ()
>   "Confirm that we really want to send the message."
>   (interactive)(or (y-or-n-p "Send?")(keyboard-quit)))
> (add-hook 'message-send-hook 'jidanni-message-confirm)

> I suppose for emacs-w3m I should merely remove the
> "C-c C-c runs the command w3m-submit-form"
> keybinding, leaving only the submission button. OK, done:
> (dolist (modemap (list w3m-mode-map w3m-minor-mode-map))
>   (define-key modemap "\C-c" nil);else too dangerous
> OK. Problem solved.

Hm, how about tuning an interval of repeating a key?  Fedora
provides a tool for it (the default that young people might have
determined might be too short for me).