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Re: terminating form input by `C-c C-c'

All I know is "I almost sold my Mom at Ebay because I my finger

KY> So, I'm now trying a way that `C-c C-c' runs those two
KY> procedures only in particular pages.  A regexp controls it.

Sounds even more dangerous: "One day the same keystroke ended up
sending the form! Ah no wonder, I happened to be on a page matching a
regexp." Sounds like a http://www.useit.com/alertbox or RISKS Digest

>> However I have recently become worried that along with my advancing
>> age, my fingers will hold down the keys too long, and I will type four
>> C-c's, submitting a form, instead of first typing two C-c's, then
>> after I'm sure all is well, two more.

KY> I got to type keys excessively as well after upgrading Fedora from
KY> v9 to v10.  I'm certainly aged but I don't believe it is the cause
KY> of mis-typing.  I suspect something has been changed in the keyboard
KY> driver. ;-)

You look 17 from your X-face above. I'll have you know that I'm older
than the President of the United States, so no amount of timing
adjustment is safe for me...

KY> Hm, how about tuning an interval of repeating a key?  Fedora
KY> provides a tool for it (the default that young people might have
KY> determined might be too short for me).

It turns out it is me hitting C-c four separate times, so it is not a
timing issue at all... it is a "grandpa" issue.

Anyway, I'm happy with all my settings now. Thanks. Bye.