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Re: terminating form input by =?utf-8?b?YEMtYw==?= C-c'

 <jidanni <at> jidanni.org> writes:

> Dear emacs-w3m team: I'm curious about forms with no submit button
> (<input type="submit">), like the one on http://perishablepress.com/ :

> I.e., I fill out the text box, only to discover no way to submit the
> form. Is the author drunk on JavaScript, or can emacs-w3m help out
> here. Could a C-c C-c in the minibuffer send the form one day?

Now C-c C-c when the cursor is on a form in a page (not in the
minibuffer) will submit the form (w3m-submit-form command). (I also
spent a while wondering how to submit forms without buttons --

Perhaps displaying a hint in the echo area (like "Press C-c C-c to
submit this form.") when on a form would help many novice emacs-w3m

Best regards, and thanks for your work!
Ivan Z.