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Re: Error in post-command-hook: (invalid-function w3m-image-alt)

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10778] David Abrahams wrote:
>> Could you try rebuilding emacs-w3m?

> Thanks, that seems to have done it.  When I updated, I just
> byte-recompiled everything, which went in alphabetical order, so
> w3m-util.el was last.

If you'd like to do so, you have to use Emacs that has never
loaded any emacs-w3m Lisp module yet, and the directory in which
there are the new emacs-w3m Lisp modules has to be the first
element of the `load-path' variable.

> I wonder if there's anything can do about such issues?

The most easy way to do that is:

autoconf; ./configure; make

In particular for w3m-util.el, there are some Lisp macros that
the other emacs-w3m modules use.  If Emacs has already loaded
the old w3m-util.el, because you've ever run emacs-w3m for example,
the new w3m-util.el will never be loaded while compiling the other
emacs-w3m modules.  That is why you want to use the vanilla Emacs.
Note that w3m-util.el is not the only module that provides macros
and inline functions.