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Re: w3m as renderer for html, like in emacs

>> On  Thu, 14 May 2009 08:44:50 +0300
>> olexandr.syd@xxxxxxxxx ( Olexandr Sydorchuk) said as follows:

>Yes, I know about -dump, but my goal is interactive html browser, like
>emacs-w3m, I want to write own "backend" to w3m because I see that
>emacs-w3m work fine with w3m. But exploring source code of emacs-w3m for
>understanding how its work is a little bit hard for me =). So I post here
>for a little describe of logics of emacs-w3m.

You should see the attached source file.  It is the initial and ancient
version of emacs-w3m which was released at 2000-06-25.  It consists of
384 lines and contains essence of emacs-w3m except for many features
including history, form and asynchronous processing.

I thank all contributors for their great and long efforts.

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi

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