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Re: w3m-view-header vs. charset

jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> In emacs-w3m "=" shows
> W3m-current-url: http://www.sciict.com/Chinese/index.htm
> W3m-document-charset: US-ASCII
> In real w3m, = shows
> Document Charset     [Chinese (EUC-CN, GB2312)    ]
>                      [Change]

W3m-document-charset is not used in emacs-w3m, and it is nothing to do
with real document charset (maybe this is confusing). Also try 

w3m -dump_extra http://www.sciict.com/Chinese/index.htm |grep W3m-document-charset

You may see real w3m also say W3m-document-charset is US-ASCII.