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should treat HTTP 404 just like other pages

I am using WWWOFFLE offline today. For pages not yet in its cache,
WWWOFFLE returns HTTP 404, and a page like:

Location: http://example.net/bla
WWWOFFLE - World Wide Web Offline Explorer - v2.9d

            WWWOFFLE Request Recorded

               Your request for URL


         has been recorded for download.
     WWWOFFLE - [Welcome Page|FAQ] - WWWOFFLE

This is all well and good, except that emacs-w3m won't let me look at
the source. w3m-view-source says
Cannot retrieve URL: about://source/http://example.net/bla
This is bad. Some people would like to see the source of a page, even if
it is 404, and emacs-w3m should let them.

OK, now there is another problem. I notice that if I forget the trailing
slash, I get

Location: http://example.net
Cannot retrieve URL: http://example.net (exit status: 0)
example.net could not be found; check the name of the URL.

instead of the above WWWOFFLE page, however that URL still gets on the
WWWOFFLE outgoing list, http://localhost:8080/index/outgoing/ .

Real w3m does not have that problem:

$ w3m -dump http://example.net
WWWOFFLE - World Wide Web Offline Explorer - v2.9d ...