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Re: pdf links do not open as expected

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.10972] Samuel Wales wrote:
>> When I visit a page that has a link that is a .pdf, and I
>> pres RET on that link, w3m tries to save the contents to a
>> file.  What I expected instead was the opportunity to run an
>> external browser or a pdf reader.

Hm, by default, emacs-w3m should run the `doc-view' mode (the new
feature of Emacs 23), or the external viewer `fiber.exe', `xpdf',
or `acroread' for a pdf document.  If you have neither one, you
want to add it to the `w3m-content-type-alist' variable like the

(push '("application/pdf" "\\.pdf\\'" ("your_pdf_viewer" file) nil)

`C-h v w3m-content-type-alist RET' shows what the items in the
element mean.

If you use Emacs 23 but the `doc-view' mode doesn't work because
of the lack of some external programs, or you'd like not to use
the `doc-view' mode, try this:

(setq w3m-doc-view-content-types nil)