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reading vbulletin web forums with emacs

Double post was gnus web interface.

It would be useful to be able to read vbulletin web forums.  I wonder
if anybody has tried to work on it.

Here is the API.

"`Nnshimbun' is a Gnus back end, but it is distributed with
emacs-w3m, not Gnus, exceptionally. `Nnshimbun' allows you
to turn Gnus into an exceptionally useful web browser. You
can skim through the articles on a newspaper's web server
without having to see all the advertisement. You can read
articles in mailing list archives as if you were subscribed
to the list. You can also read submissions in bulletin
boards, etc... Note that if you want to followup, you still
need to use emacs-w3m as Gnus can't post via the web with

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