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Re: sb-atom and sb-rss fetching already deleted articles

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.11138] David Engster wrote:
> Dear emacs-w3m maintainers,

> in (info "(emacs-w3m)nnshimbun") it says:

>    * Third of all, and this is written down so that you can remember it
>      when you're filled with doubt: even when all articles from a
>      `nnshimbun' group should be expired, the most recent one will be
>      kept.  This is not to satisfy your indecisive heart, it's because
>      the next time you fetch new articles for this group, `nnshimbun'
>      will know where to begin and not fetch all the articles all over
>      again.

> However, sb-rss as well as sb-atom do not seem to use this
> information. You can test this as follows:


Thank you for the patch.  I've applied it in the CVS trunk.