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Re: sb-atom and sb-rss fetching already deleted articles

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:
> (luna-define-method shimbun-get-headers ((shimbun shimbun-foobar)
> 					 &optional range)
>   (shimbun-rss-get-headers shimbun range t t))
> But it will be very troublesome.  Instead, how about not changing
> the default behavior of `shimbun-rss-get-headers'?  Even in this
> case, it is made immediately quit when the header that has ever
> been fetched is found, if the 5th argument, that is newly added,
> is set.  And only the modules that want it to work so need to have
> the following wrapper:
> (luna-define-method shimbun-get-headers ((shimbun shimbun-foobar)
> 					 &optional range)
>   (shimbun-rss-get-headers shimbun range t nil t))

That's perfectly fine for me.  Another solution might be to compare the
date headers of the entries: get all entries of the feed which are not
present in the group, but also check their date header if they are
actually newer than the ones which are already there. If an entry is
older, we can assume it was already expired?

Even simpler, we might only get those articles which are not older than
the expiry-time for the group, but I don't know anything about expiry
times in Mew and Wanderlust.