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Re: sb-atom and sb-rss fetching already deleted articles

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.11159] David Engster wrote:
> That's perfectly fine for me.  Another solution might be to compare the
> date headers of the entries: get all entries of the feed which are not
> present in the group, but also check their date header if they are
> actually newer than the ones which are already there. If an entry is
> older, we can assume it was already expired?

> Even simpler, we might only get those articles which are not older than
> the expiry-time for the group, but I don't know anything about expiry
> times in Mew and Wanderlust.

I'm not familiar with wl/elmo code nowadays, but AFAICT, wl/elmo
doesn't seem to have the one like nov that keeps date information.
So, I've made changes in sb-rss.el and sb-rss-blogs.el in the way
I wrote last.  sb-atom.el is unchanged.

Maybe the argument name `quit-immediately' has to be more clarified.