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w3m-reload-this-page moves to beginning

I use gentoo and have the following versions of
w3m and emacs-w3m

Installed versions:  1.4.379_pre20100125

Installed versions:  0.5.2-r2

When I issue w3m-reload-this-page
the page reloads fine but focus moves to the beginning of the page.
I believe this is new behavior.  I believe focus used to stay
where it was before the command.

As a work around I now use

  (let ((old-point (point)))
    (sit-for 3 'no-disp)
    (goto-char old-point))

Is there an option to w3m and/or emacs-w3m that would restore the old
behavior in which focus stayed at point without my current

Thank you for w3m and emacs-w3m, which work very well.