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Re: sb-atom and sb-rss fetching already deleted articles

>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.11166] David Engster wrote:
> I had to change this a bit. Turns out there are feeds out there which
> happily introduce new items with *older* dates (the 'topthemen' from the
> sueddeutsche-de shimbun, for instance). To make those items show up, I
> now compare with the date of the *oldest* existing article in the
> group. This should still make sure that the article wasn't expired and
> is actually a new one.

> I also made sure that the returned items are sorted by ascending
> date. This is to make sure that newer articles get higher article
> numbers in Gnus, since in the expiry process, it is the article with the
> highest article number which is kept and never deleted.

I see.  The beauty of it is sorting headers in the ascending order
before comparing with existing old headers.

> It's still not perfect, though. Imagine a feed introduces one new item
> with an old date; it will get the highest article number in Gnus. If you
> now completely expire the group, only this article will remain. When you
> now refresh the group, all items with a newer date will again show
> up. However, I think this is a very rare case - it would need a feed
> which introduces new items with old dates and a pretty short expiry
> time. If this really turns out to be problem, it could still be fixed in
> nnshimbun.el.

Ok.  I can imagine it would not be a trouble even if read articles
appear on rare occasions.


> I attached a patch to the version I'm currently using. It works quite
> well for me, but a bit more testing would surely be good.

I've applied tha patch.   Thanks.