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Re: right clicking on URL in emacs-w3m vs. gnus

On Sun, 18 Apr 2010 06:41:23 +0800 jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 

j> In emacs-w3m, right clicking on a link brings up a menu with lots of choices.
j> However doing the same action inside gnus doesn't.

j> E.g., try right clicking on http://example.org/ .

This is composed of two things actually:

1) the emacs-w3m popup menu should be accessible in the Article buffer.
Currently it can be invoked with (w3m-mouse-major-mode-menu EVENT) so it
*can* be bound to right-click in the article mode by the user.  This
part is pretty easy.

2) right-click on a URL should bring up that menu.  I'm not sure if
there are any other logical things to hang on right-click in Gnus.  For
instance we could bring up the Treatment or Commands menus that are
otherwise in the pulldown.  So maybe the emacs-w3m menu should be under
the main popup menu in the article buffer, and it should also show up in
the menu bar when the article buffer is using emacs-w3m.

Any opinions?