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Re: right clicking on URL in emacs-w3m vs. gnus

>>>>> Ted Zlatanov wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Apr 2010 06:41:23 +0800 jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

j> In emacs-w3m, right clicking on a link brings up a menu with lots of choices.
j> However doing the same action inside gnus doesn't.

j> E.g., try right clicking on http://example.org/ .

> This is composed of two things actually:

> 1) the emacs-w3m popup menu should be accessible in the Article buffer.
> Currently it can be invoked with (w3m-mouse-major-mode-menu EVENT) so it
> *can* be bound to right-click in the article mode by the user.  This
> part is pretty easy.

> 2) right-click on a URL should bring up that menu.  I'm not sure if
> there are any other logical things to hang on right-click in Gnus.  For
> instance we could bring up the Treatment or Commands menus that are
> otherwise in the pulldown.  So maybe the emacs-w3m menu should be under
> the main popup menu in the article buffer, and it should also show up in
> the menu bar when the article buffer is using emacs-w3m.

> Any opinions?

I don't know what items the menu should provide but I tried hacking
it as attached below.  Currently the right-click pops up this menu:

| Open this link with
| ===================
| browse-url
| emacs-w3m

(The first item overlaps to the middle-click though.)

2010-04-21  Katsumi Yamaoka  <yamaoka@xxxxxxx>

	* gnus-art.el (gnus-article-add-buttons): Add url string as text
	property to button.
	(gnus-article-extend-url-button): Use text property instead of overlay
	to add url to button.
	(gnus-article-link-map): New variable.
	(gnus-article-open-link-with-emacs-w3m): New functions.
	(gnus-article-link-menu): New menu.
	(gnus-article-add-button): Add url string as text property to button.
	(gnus-button-push): Assume gnus-button-url is text property.
--- gnus-art.el~	2010-04-18 23:04:00 +0000
+++ gnus-art.el	2010-04-21 06:07:17 +0000
@@ -7781,15 +7781,17 @@
 	      (push from gnus-button-marker-list)
 	      (unless (and (eq (car entry) 'gnus-button-url-regexp)
 			   (gnus-article-extend-url-button from start end))
-		(gnus-article-add-button start end
-					 'gnus-button-push from)))))))))
+		(gnus-article-add-button
+		 start end 'gnus-button-push from
+		 (and (eq (car entry) 'gnus-button-url-regexp)
+		      (buffer-substring start end)))))))))))
 (defun gnus-article-extend-url-button (beg start end)
   "Extend url button if url is folded into two or more lines.
 Return non-nil if button is extended.  BEG is a marker that points to
 the beginning position of a text containing url.  START and END are
 the endpoints of a url button before it is extended.  The concatenated
-url is put as the `gnus-button-url' overlay property on the button."
+url is put as the `gnus-button-url' text property on the button."
   (let ((opoint (point))
 	(points (list start end))
 	url delim regexp)
@@ -7829,14 +7831,13 @@
 					       (match-beginning 1))
 		     (match-beginning 2)))
+	  (setq url (mapconcat 'identity (nreverse url) ""))
 	  (let (gnus-article-mouse-face widget-mouse-face)
 	    (while points
 	      (gnus-article-add-button (pop points) (pop points)
-				       'gnus-button-push beg)))
+				       'gnus-button-push beg url)))
 	  (let ((overlay (gnus-make-overlay start end)))
 	    (gnus-overlay-put overlay 'evaporate t)
-	    (gnus-overlay-put overlay 'gnus-button-url
-			      (list (mapconcat 'identity (nreverse url) "")))
 	    (when gnus-article-mouse-face
 	      (gnus-overlay-put overlay 'mouse-face gnus-article-mouse-face)))
@@ -7874,8 +7875,45 @@
 ;;; External functions:
-(defun gnus-article-add-button (from to fun &optional data)
-  "Create a button between FROM and TO with callback FUN and data DATA."
+(defvar gnus-article-link-map nil)
+(unless gnus-article-link-map
+  (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
+    (setq gnus-article-link-map map)
+    (cond ((featurep 'xemacs)
+	   (define-key map [(button3)] 'gnus-article-link-menu))
+	  ;; Don't use [mouse-3], which gets submenus not working in GTK Emacs.
+	  ((featurep 'gtk)
+	   (define-key map [down-mouse-3] 'gnus-article-link-menu)
+	   (define-key map [drag-mouse-3] 'undefined)
+	   (define-key map [mouse-3] 'undefined))
+	  (t
+	   (define-key map [mouse-3] 'gnus-article-link-menu)))))
+(defun gnus-article-open-link-with-browse-url ()
+  (interactive)
+  (browse-url (get-text-property (point) 'gnus-button-url)))
+(defun gnus-article-open-link-with-emacs-w3m ()
+  (interactive)
+  (w3m (get-text-property (point) 'gnus-button-url) t t))
+(easy-menu-define gnus-article-link-menu gnus-article-link-map
+  "Link menu."
+  '("Open this link with"
+    ["browse-url" gnus-article-open-link-with-browse-url]
+    ["emacs-w3m" gnus-article-open-link-with-emacs-w3m]))
+(defun gnus-article-link-menu (event)
+  "Pop up a link menu."
+  (interactive "e")
+  (mouse-set-point event)
+  (popup-menu gnus-article-link-menu))
+(defun gnus-article-add-button (from to fun &optional data url)
+  "Create a button between FROM and TO with callback FUN and data DATA.
+The optional URL is a string that will be put as the `gnus-button-url'
+text property on the button."
   (when gnus-article-button-face
     (gnus-overlay-put (gnus-make-overlay from to nil t)
 		      'face gnus-article-button-face))
@@ -7884,7 +7922,9 @@
    (nconc (and gnus-article-mouse-face
 	       (list gnus-mouse-face-prop gnus-article-mouse-face))
 	  (list 'gnus-callback fun)
-	  (and data (list 'gnus-data data))))
+	  (and data (list 'gnus-data data))
+	  (and url (list 'gnus-button-url url
+			 'keymap gnus-article-link-map))))
   (widget-convert-button 'link from to :action 'gnus-widget-press-button
 			 :button-keymap gnus-widget-button-keymap))
@@ -7931,13 +7971,14 @@
 	   (inhibit-point-motion-hooks t)
 	   (fun (nth 3 entry))
 	   (args (or (and (eq (car entry) 'gnus-button-url-regexp)
-			  (get-char-property marker 'gnus-button-url))
+			  (get-text-property marker 'gnus-button-url))
 		     (mapcar (lambda (group)
 			       (let ((string (match-string group)))
 				  0 (length string) nil string)
 			     (nthcdr 4 entry)))))
+      (unless (consp args) (setq args (list args)))
        ((fboundp fun)
 	(apply fun args))